terça-feira, maio 27, 2003

Quinta em São Carlos

Recado do Taboca:


"The History of JavaScript"

Arun Ranganathan
Technology Evangelism

Data: 29 de maio de 2003
Horário: 16 horas
Local: Auditório Prof. Luiz Antonio Fávaro

"A historical perspective on the history of JavaScript makes for a
compelling exposition into the creation of a platform upon which developers
can deploy memory managed code. Currently, with both Java and .Net, these
are the driving forces in software platform innovation -- this talk in a
sense is the Netscape story. The talk races JavaScript from its origins in
Navigator 2.0 through the standardization process with ECMA. It also shows
the many ways in which JavaScript can be used on the Internet, and the rich
family of APIs that today allow the scripting of Web Services in Web clients."

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