sexta-feira, abril 28, 2006

Odeo com xspf

Hoje lendo o Evan Willians neste post onde ele comenta sobre o podcast 43 sounds vi que eles agora estao com XSPF feeds la no Odeo, e ele até usou meu humilde flash mp3 player para embutir a playlist no post. Vê-se que devagar as coisas vao evoluindo por lá, e já que este é um post cara-dura vou aproveitar e linkar aqui meu pet bug assim como quem nao quer nada =)

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Charlie Craig disse...

Hey, thanks for your comment on the XPSF playlister - I had blogger "comment moderation" turned on and I didn't see your comment til now.

Cool, I didn't know that the XPSF player would recognize a file no matter what the extension, that's cool. Feel free to use/include the playlist generator in your player! It's based it off someone else's work, but the file credits the author, I'm sure they wouldn't mind since you're not using it for profit. Anyway, cheers for the comment!