quarta-feira, março 29, 2006


remote controll car...

A comemoração de vitória estilo Rocky Balboa é a melhor.

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Lilize disse...

vc ainda tem o blog! hehe

fui lah no hideout pq meu lastfm as vezes dá pau, acho q vou aderir.

mas putz, nunca imaginei ver no seu setlist the ataris!!!

Fabricio disse...

ataris?? vc cheirou cola Lilize?
onde ta isso? hideout ou lastfm? nao entendi...

Enfim, legal saber que vc anda navegando por aqui, entra depois no site novo que estou montando http://cchits.org, deve se tornar publico em duas semanas, mas se quiser furar fila me da um toque que eu te mando o convite.


Charlie Craig disse...

Hi there,

Como vai? how is your english? I hope you get this... I just thought it would be cool to show you.

I have a vbscript XSPF playlist generator that I thought you might like to see. see:


I think it would probably work well with your player, I haven't tested it yet though. You would just have to change one line to get it to output xspf rather than xml.


remco disse...

Hi Fabrice, sorry to disturb you here, but I have a question about your really great flash mp3player. It works fine in a html page, but I want to integrate it within a flashwebsite (like www.reloadonline.nl ) but do not know how to do that (or if it is even possible) Hope you do not mind I mailed you here. You can reach me by mail and here offcourse. thnx in advance and best regards from Holland, Remco (remcorhee at gmail dot com)